Monday, July 1, 2013

BABY #3 Hospital Bag

How fun is it getting your hospital bag ready. In all my pregnancies I can't wait for this day. It means in time I will be holding my bundle of joy and living one of the best moments of my life.

I never been one to pack a great bag for the hospital. It's only taken me to have 3 kiddos to finally know what to bring and what is a waste.

I been noticing all over the Pinterest that woman post their favorite "must haves" for their hospital bag however I never seen one for us C-section mommies. What about us girls did they forget us?

So I thought I would write a post on my favorite "must haves" for C-section mommies like myself who have had a C-section as well as a vaginal birth.

Here are some favorite items I packed in my bag. I put in lots of BLUE cause I'm having a boy this time. YAY!! All the baby items come in girl colors as well. Enjoy my bag! 

 For a C-section delivery you have to count on being in the hospital for 3-4 days for recover I know sounds like a long time. It is...and trust me the last day you are begging to go home or a least I was. I was beyond over it!!
Your must haves for your baby are:
1. Bobby/Nursing Pillow for breastfeeding (only if you plan on doing it)
2. Aiden and Anis Swaddle blankets (or any other kind you enjoy)
3. Blanket for baby depending on time of year your having a baby. (Found this awesome blanket at and it says Max and my son's name is going to be Maxwell so in love)
4. Comfy hospital outfits for your baby and one for going HOME (onesies, sleep sacks, sleepers with footies)
5. Mittens so they don't scratch themselves
6. CARSEAT a totally must!

My favorite mommy "must haves" are:
1. Comfy Pajamas- I got these black knit PJ's at Target. There awesome cause your incision is still going to hurt and want something comfy to move around in and won't irriate it.
2. Slippers
3. Robe -so you can take a shower and relax
4. Nursing Tank Tops - these are comfy and easy for breastfeeding. I wear these a lot when I get home as well. Got these at Target.
5. Yoga Pants- these are so darn comfy you don't even know. I got these black yoga pants at Target. These are great and soft so they dont bother your incision. They are nice to cause they hold in your tummy. Cause let me tell you your incision even hurts when you cough or laugh. :( I wear these a lot after the baby. These are a total must I even wear them during pregnancy.
6. Comfy V-Neck T-Shirts- I got these at Target too. I like to wear my nursing tank tops and wear my comfy t-shirts over them. Make sure you buy a larger size so that its a little baggy and more comfy for your little tummy you will still have a BUMP.
7. Socks- keep those feet warm if not they do supply them at the hospital and they are comfy as well.
8. Panties- got these cute and comfy panites at Target. However I do wear those mesh undies they give you at the hospital for the first few days because they just are more comfortable and easy to wear when you have a huge pad on haha.
9. Make-up Bag- I fill this baby up with make-up, toothbrush, toothpaste, deordant, hair clips, nursing pads, pads (I usually steal some from hospital haha) lotion, body soap, shampoo/condition, blowdryer, and curling iron/flat iron. I bring styling tools cause honestly after a couple days you just feel like getting ready but that is up to you on that part.
10. Summer Maxi Dress- these are awesome for a coming home outfit especially when your having a baby in the summer. So beyond comfy and looks adorable. Got this at Target
11. Sandals- to wear home had these already got them at Target as well.
Can you tell I think I went a little overboard at Target but hey got some cute comfy clothes to make me a happy mommy! And with my last daughter I didn't bring comfy pajamas so I headed to Target this time around and looked and tried on things that would make me feel good while I am there. ACCOMPLISHED!
These 3 items were a must to put in your bag for both daddy and mommy. Mom's dont forget your camera, phone, chargers, and Ipad. I don't care what anyone says I can forget all the stuff I have listed for mommy and baby and just worry about these. You need pictures to cherish forever! These types of moments are priceless and only last for seconds. I put camera and iphone or phone in there cause honestly I just take pictures with my phone cause they are so darn good with the iphone. But some like to bring the big camera for a day or 2 after surgery to take pics of baby. The ipad is for you to have while staying in hospital and keep you busy not like your taking care of a newborn or anything. SO DON'T FORGET ladies!

There are probably some other things people pack while staying that I haven't....and things you might not like or think I'm crazy. But this is how I do it :) If you are pregnant and packing hope this helps you!

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  1. Man, you sure have been busy working on your blog! Looks great!! Hope you are enjoying that sweet boy!


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