Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Fall

Happy Fall Everyone!
I'm so excited for this year of holidays I can't help myself.  I been blessed with 3 beautiful children and can't wait to share this time with them. Not that I don't enjoy every time of the year. This time of the year is so special.
The time I remember when I was a little girl!
My mommy was one special woman let me tell you.
I created a list of activites I hope to accomplish this Fall with my kiddos.
I can accomplish them all right?
I think so, well as least I hope to....

Hope everyone is enjoying their fist week of Fall...
I sure am!
Today is our lazy day at home, I asked Sidnee what she wanted to do today and she said,
"let's bake cookies"
sounds like a good start of Fall to me!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome Fall

 We made it....
It's Fall, my favorite time of the year.
I just love this time of the year, I don't know about you?
I have aready started thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I know, I'm crazy but we have big family get togethers for these hoildays and I like to think prepare ahead of time. What I'm doing, baking, cooking, drinking, and wearing.

This last weekend I emailed my photography about Christmas photos. Yep! you read that correctly.
I'm not waiting till the last minute like last year and end up doing nothing.

 So this mama is planning ahead, getting things done and accomplished. No wasting time!
One of our favorite things coming of Fall, is of course America's most watched sport FOOTBALL.

Well I think its the most watched sport, well whatever it is in our home.

My hubby is a a huge Cowboys Fan along with most of the members in our family. So we tag along with our hubby supporting his team.
Go Cowboys!!
Here are some cute pictures of my family headed to a football party...
Aren't they adorable...

My Cowboys cutties....
So I been thinking Fall comes around every year and ...
every year we tell ourselves is goes by to quickly...
And it does...
 so its important that we cherish this time and yeah well all the time, but create fun traditions for our family and children...
I have lots of traditions that I do with my children that my parents did when I was young....and I love that...
So I am always thinking of fun new things to do with mine...and I came across this idea for Fall,
"Soup Sunday"
How fun is this for a Fall tradition? Making all kinds of different soups, sounds delicious to me.
And well it means for a happy hubby too...
Hopefully I will get around to share some of my many soups that I hope to make this Fall...
Happy Fall Everyone!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

26 Activities to Help our Children Learn

Last week I was off solo to 'back to school night" for my Sidnee girl. We decided last minute that I would go alone cause my hubby was tired and the whole thing of dropping my kids off at my cousins house was just to much work, for my husband to say the least.
It actually counldn't work out any better. This mommy could make a quick little shopping trip out of it too. Get my girls there Halloween costumes and little shopping for me equals happy mommy. I know Halloween costumes already, but Marshalls is a hit and miss store. And I wanted to make sure I grab a couple before they are all gone. And I was in luck, a costome for Ava as well as an adorable cupcake costume for Ava to wear on her 2nd birthday party, cupcake theme.

Now only Sidnee, Max, my hubby, and I are in need of one.

What to be? What to be?

I couldn't be more impressed with Sidnee's teacher this year that I could scream with joy! We are beyond blessed to have a teacher willing and wanting to get these children to learn. When she got up to talk to the parents on "back to school night" I new right off the bat this year is going to be a year for Sidnee to shine and soak up all that learning Mrs. Gish has to offer.

From the first day of school,  I was already impressed on what they been learning. When I picked up Sidnee she couldn't stop talking about the gingerbread man. Who he was, how they made them, where they found him at, and the story with it.

It was adorable, and so fun to hear .

 As a parent, that is what you want to hear, things they learned and how they don't want to leave school. My daughter asks everyday if she is going to school today. That is when I know we found an awesome school along with a wonderful teacher.

That night,
Mrs. Gish handed out a packet full of goodies for us parents to look over. Including fundraisers, there daily class schedule, her email to contact her, the snack calendar, and a calander of events for the entire year. And many more things to add to the pile. However, one handout that caught my eye and I wanted to share with you, was a paper that included how parents can help their children at home.  There are many things that us parents at home can help our children, that we may not realize or do not know.

 The handout listed 26 activities to benefit our children. I hope you enjoy these activites as much as I did. I placed this handout on my refrigerator to encourage myself to do the activties with my children. These can benefit ages of all children.


How parents can help:

1.Set aside a special reading time. Tell your child you look forward reading a book together. Children who are read to-read.
2. Listen to your child. Oral language experience is also a foundation for literacy.
3. Talk to your child.
4. Make time to play with your child.
5. Solve problems with your child, instead of for him or her.
6. Have your child count everything and anything.
7. Write stories out as your child dictates them. Children love to see their ideas in print.
8. Praise your child whenever possible.
9. Talk with your child about school (Ask a question about something on the lesson plan)
10. Encourage exercise and good nutrition.
11. Encourage your child to write, draw, and color.
12. Broaden your child's horizons by taking him or her to parks, museums, libraries, zoos, and even grocery shopping. All of these places offer fun learning experiences.
13. Help your child develop a hobby and discuss topics that interest them.
14. Write Notes to your child. Leave them under a pillow, in a lunch pail, or in a favorite book.
15. Help your child keep a scrapbook.
16. Limit time watching television.
17. Talk about your child's schoolwork that comes home.
18. Provide art materials.
19. Help your child create mail. They love sending and receiving mail.
20. Make a chore chart so that your child has responsibilties at home.
21. Let your child help make a menu and help in the kitchen.
22. Measure things with a ruler, yardstick and tape measure.
23. When your child reads a sign or cereal box from the logo, encourage them they are reading.
24. Enjoy them! They grow quickly.
25. Teach them of Jesus' love.
26. Be involved as a family in a church that teaches the Bible.

Aren't these activites great? Some that are just so simple that we often forget. I hope to do more of them with my children.

Hope you enjoy these activities!

And encourage them as much as you can.

They love to learn!!!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No Bake~Fudge Oatmeal Cookies

I'm forever baking! Please truly help me I love SWEETS
I should be on the road of fitness and clean eating being I did have a baby
I kind of still have a baby bump for sure....It's not fair why do I have these beautiful kids and it takes me a while to get my body back. Yes!! I'm crying like a baby right now. I hate this...
Well there's my pitty party...Since I'm still breastfeeding and kind of really can't diet much I decided why not make my grandma's oldie but goodie
Fudge Oatmeal Cookies
These are awesome you don't have to bake them, they melt in your mouth, take no time to make, and you eat way to many.
Fudge Oatmeal Cookies:
1stick of butter
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups sugar
Bring to a boil- let boil for about 5 minutes
Pour over- 3 cups of 1 minute quick oats, 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder
Stir well and let set a few mintues. Drop on wax paper  with a spoon and let stand.
There not suppose to be perfect round cookies. Rustic is the look were going for here.
Do not regrigerate.
"The key is make sure you let butter, milk, vanilla, and sugar boil for a little bit while continuing stirring to get that mixture a little carmelize so it holds the cookies together well"
Let them set out a little bit to dry and harden to cookies....
And eat, eat, and eat...
So delicous they grandma sure has the best recipes
glad she gave me all her great cookbooks...

Sidnee Starts School

Fall is here!
 and that means Sidnee is back to school.
She couldn't be more excited for this school year.
This is such important year for my little girl.
The year to prepare her for Kindergarten. Lots and lots of learning.
Last night was "back to school night  and I got the pleasure of finding out what my little one will doing this year. I couldn't of ask for a better teacher to prepare my little one for Kindgerten.
She has been to school 2 days and already the things she has learned amazes me!
It just takes that one teacher!
My cousins and I were sitting around chatting the other day. And we were talking about how its doesn't matter what school they go,
what matters is there home values, involvment with our kiddos, and the TEACHER.
We were all naming off the teachers we remember and the ones that left impressions in our lives.
That is what makes it special.
Those teachers were the ones that help us to succeed!
Sidnee's teacher is one of those.
When I walked in her classroom for the first time, I was amazed of her classroom and the things she does with the children.
As a mommy this is what you love.
She will be that teacher that will help my daughter grow academically and spritually.
No only is she learning how to read, write, motor skills, playing socially. But learning about Christ, going to Chapel and singing what Sidnee says,
"Jesus songs."

I'm just in love, watching my children grow.
Each milestone is so fun!
We always hate for them to grow up, its reality but oh so fun to watch.
They grow so quickly!
And I don't want to miss a thing.

 Isn't she beautiful!
Sorry its says, "Preschool" but her class is Preschool/Kingergarten.
Taking these pictures every year, I really get to see the change in her.
My big girl now!

And look at this big boy.
How did this happen?
We are making progress buddy you will finally fall asleep in your swing. YEAH!!
This boy wants to be head all day long and sleep in my arms all night long.
Getting this big boy in his bed has been a challange!
You would think I would be a pro being, I'm on my third child.
Each child is different and this big boy is a "mamas boy"
He will not leave me.
But seriosuly I need to get him in his own bed at night.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Enjoy your day....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend~Backyard Beach Day Bash

Summer is official coming to an end!
And would you believe that we didn't go to the beach this summer.
We only live 15 to 20 minutes away.
What's our excuse? A baby I guess.
So we decided to have a family "Beach Day" backyard bash.
We did water games, water balloons, BBQ, ate lots of food, and relaxed.


We were excited to have the family over. And get some much need fun in before everything started to get crazy around the Villalpando house.
Sidnee was excited about having a "party" she called it. She helped me get ready and prepare for this last minute BBQ.
I didn't want to spend a lot of money but wanted it to look cute for the kids.
I already had the buckets ( gave them a good wash), the pink backdrop was fabric I had laying around from Ava's 1st birthday, the yellow bucket full of forks and stripped straws were in my party bin, along with the cups.
I had balloons that Tony filled up at the dollar store.
Napkins I found in my party bin as well.
I took a quick trip to the dollar store and walmart and picked up the beach balls, plates, pineapple, cookies, candy, and cupcakes.
I searched online on Pinterest looking for free beach party printables.
I came across these adorable beach balls that I put on the buckets and in the cupcakes.
Along with the "beach day" banner and that Sidnee and me cut out ourselfs.
For such a last minute put together I thought it turned out great!
My family loved it, that is all that mattered.
I also found this cute "summer fun" printables and put it on a picture holders.
It was such a colorful, happy, and fun party.
The most part we all enjoyed each other, spent family quality time and ate like no bodys business.
This DIY party was so easy and can make for an special day.
I love putting smiles on my kiddos faces.
This party looked like it took me a long time to put together.
But honestly it was done in now time.
Did a little search on Pinterest!
Looked around my house, went to a quick trip to the store and there you go.

What was even more fun for the kids was the water stations I set up in the backyard for them.
Tony and I set up 2 slip n slides, 2 pools, a water table, a slide, water balloons, and a bubble activity.
These kids went at it from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening, a little break in
middle to eat a hotdog and have some chips.
I would see them take random breaks eatting off the dessert table other than that they were
swimming like crazy.
By the time 4 o'clock came around those kids were worn out!!
I knew my kiddos were going to sleep well that night and they sure did.
Even Max.
I didn't think they were ever going to get out of the water!


Family Time!
 I'm always searching for fun activites for the kids.
I happen to come across on Pinterest this
awesome human bubble idea.

How cool is this?
It called for 10 gallons of distilled water and 1 cup of dish soap, not the anitbacterial one.
Get yourself a hula hoop, place solution in a kiddy pool and go for it.
We found the faster we brought the hula hoop over everyone the better the bubble looked.

Such fun!!
The night before...
I headed to walmart with my 3 kiddos and rounded up 10 gallons of distilled water (.88 a bottle).
That was interesting with my kids.
I was finding anywhere and everywhere to put the gallons of water in my shopping cart.
Next time I will be going solo!
But look how cool this is...


Well that includes our backyard bash.
So much fun.
Looking forward to more parties with my family.
Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day!!

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