Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend~Backyard Beach Day Bash

Summer is official coming to an end!
And would you believe that we didn't go to the beach this summer.
We only live 15 to 20 minutes away.
What's our excuse? A baby I guess.
So we decided to have a family "Beach Day" backyard bash.
We did water games, water balloons, BBQ, ate lots of food, and relaxed.


We were excited to have the family over. And get some much need fun in before everything started to get crazy around the Villalpando house.
Sidnee was excited about having a "party" she called it. She helped me get ready and prepare for this last minute BBQ.
I didn't want to spend a lot of money but wanted it to look cute for the kids.
I already had the buckets ( gave them a good wash), the pink backdrop was fabric I had laying around from Ava's 1st birthday, the yellow bucket full of forks and stripped straws were in my party bin, along with the cups.
I had balloons that Tony filled up at the dollar store.
Napkins I found in my party bin as well.
I took a quick trip to the dollar store and walmart and picked up the beach balls, plates, pineapple, cookies, candy, and cupcakes.
I searched online on Pinterest looking for free beach party printables.
I came across these adorable beach balls that I put on the buckets and in the cupcakes.
Along with the "beach day" banner and that Sidnee and me cut out ourselfs.
For such a last minute put together I thought it turned out great!
My family loved it, that is all that mattered.
I also found this cute "summer fun" printables and put it on a picture holders.
It was such a colorful, happy, and fun party.
The most part we all enjoyed each other, spent family quality time and ate like no bodys business.
This DIY party was so easy and can make for an special day.
I love putting smiles on my kiddos faces.
This party looked like it took me a long time to put together.
But honestly it was done in now time.
Did a little search on Pinterest!
Looked around my house, went to a quick trip to the store and there you go.

What was even more fun for the kids was the water stations I set up in the backyard for them.
Tony and I set up 2 slip n slides, 2 pools, a water table, a slide, water balloons, and a bubble activity.
These kids went at it from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening, a little break in
middle to eat a hotdog and have some chips.
I would see them take random breaks eatting off the dessert table other than that they were
swimming like crazy.
By the time 4 o'clock came around those kids were worn out!!
I knew my kiddos were going to sleep well that night and they sure did.
Even Max.
I didn't think they were ever going to get out of the water!


Family Time!
 I'm always searching for fun activites for the kids.
I happen to come across on Pinterest this
awesome human bubble idea.

How cool is this?
It called for 10 gallons of distilled water and 1 cup of dish soap, not the anitbacterial one.
Get yourself a hula hoop, place solution in a kiddy pool and go for it.
We found the faster we brought the hula hoop over everyone the better the bubble looked.

Such fun!!
The night before...
I headed to walmart with my 3 kiddos and rounded up 10 gallons of distilled water (.88 a bottle).
That was interesting with my kids.
I was finding anywhere and everywhere to put the gallons of water in my shopping cart.
Next time I will be going solo!
But look how cool this is...


Well that includes our backyard bash.
So much fun.
Looking forward to more parties with my family.
Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day!!

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