Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sidnee Starts School

Fall is here!
 and that means Sidnee is back to school.
She couldn't be more excited for this school year.
This is such important year for my little girl.
The year to prepare her for Kindergarten. Lots and lots of learning.
Last night was "back to school night  and I got the pleasure of finding out what my little one will doing this year. I couldn't of ask for a better teacher to prepare my little one for Kindgerten.
She has been to school 2 days and already the things she has learned amazes me!
It just takes that one teacher!
My cousins and I were sitting around chatting the other day. And we were talking about how its doesn't matter what school they go,
what matters is there home values, involvment with our kiddos, and the TEACHER.
We were all naming off the teachers we remember and the ones that left impressions in our lives.
That is what makes it special.
Those teachers were the ones that help us to succeed!
Sidnee's teacher is one of those.
When I walked in her classroom for the first time, I was amazed of her classroom and the things she does with the children.
As a mommy this is what you love.
She will be that teacher that will help my daughter grow academically and spritually.
No only is she learning how to read, write, motor skills, playing socially. But learning about Christ, going to Chapel and singing what Sidnee says,
"Jesus songs."

I'm just in love, watching my children grow.
Each milestone is so fun!
We always hate for them to grow up, its reality but oh so fun to watch.
They grow so quickly!
And I don't want to miss a thing.

 Isn't she beautiful!
Sorry its says, "Preschool" but her class is Preschool/Kingergarten.
Taking these pictures every year, I really get to see the change in her.
My big girl now!

And look at this big boy.
How did this happen?
We are making progress buddy you will finally fall asleep in your swing. YEAH!!
This boy wants to be head all day long and sleep in my arms all night long.
Getting this big boy in his bed has been a challange!
You would think I would be a pro being, I'm on my third child.
Each child is different and this big boy is a "mamas boy"
He will not leave me.
But seriosuly I need to get him in his own bed at night.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Enjoy your day....

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