Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Teacher Gift Idea's

Fall is just all over the place here in our home.
I'm enjoying every moment of it .
Last week we headed to another day at the pumpkin patch,
carved spooky pumpkins, baked cookies, made candy corn pretzel hugs,
and made an adorable "happy fall" teacher gift for Sidnee's teacher.

I thought it would be fun to give Sidnee's teacher a little fall gift at her halloween
party at school.
So Sidnee and I made m&m cookies using fall color m&ms I got at Target. I used my
orginal chocolate chip cookie recipe and used m&ms instead. Oh so Yummy!!
I also made these adorable candy corn pretzel hugs that I found on Pinterest here.
Aren't they the cutest?
I was such an easy thing for Sidnee to do as well.
Then I printed out an adorable "Happy Fall" tag that I got here and tied
with an orange ribbon to the clear bags that
I placed the cookies and pretzel hugs in.
Then placed it all in an orange planter that I got
on sale at Michaels.


We ended our week carving cute spooky pumpkins with the girls.
Max got to watch us go to town on these babies.
Happy Monday Everyone!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Overload

Last week, we headed to the pumpkin patch for our second
time around to join one of my good friend and her son Jakob.
I'm so in love with pumpkin patches.
I have such a blast taking my kiddos, walking thru
the hay, and going in the hay mazes.
Taking pictures with the beautiful
orange pumpkins. I don't know I just have a thing
for pumpkins....
I just have a thing for Fall and anything holidays.
I'm pretty sure you would all say the same.

Happy pumpkins!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soup Sunday

Tis' the season for football let me just say.
We are big Cowboy football fans so every sunday we support
the hubby and the family puts on there Cowboys attire hoping
they will get a win.
It works sometimes! According to my hubby its good luck!
So we do it for him. 
Last Sunday, I decided on doing my sunday soup 
along with making a quick trip to the spa with my
family to get a facial and much needed
relaxation. This mama is beyond tired!
The choice of soup for sunday was homemade chili tortellini.
It was delicious! Fully of flavor.
And it was so yummy, yummy to the tummy.

After I got home these girls where tired of watching football with daddy
while mommy was at the spa. So off we went on a bike ride and walk
to enjoy our beautiful weather we been having.
I just love cali its beautiful all the time.

If you wanting to know the recipe for this chil the recipe is below.
This chili is not a spicy chili I made it a little more sweet by adding
brown sugar to the soup.
This is not my famous spicy chili I make for my family I wanted to make
something different. And something my girls
could eat as well.
My husband loves spicy chili the hotter the better
Not me I like it to be a bit sweeter rather than spicy.
And plus I don't feel like going to the bathroom every 5 minutes being its too
spicy haha...I know to much info.
But seriosuly its the mexican in my hubby the hotter the better.

Chili Tortellini:
1 lb Package of Tortellini
2 cans  Orginial Rotel diced tomatoes
1 lb  hanburger meat
1 can  pinto beans
1 can  black beans
1 can  tomato sauce
mild cheddar cheese
McCormick Chili Season Mix Packet
2-4 tablespoons  brown supar
1 cup onion
2 tbsp garlic
32 oz. chicken broth

Saute onion and garlic for about 5 minutes. Add in ground beef until browned
Add broth, tomatoes, tomato sauce, beans, chili powder packet and simmer until hot.
Add in brown sugar to your liking. Lastly, add tortellini and simmer with lid on until tortellini
is cooked. You can cook tortellini in another pot according to directions. However, why dirty
another pot when you can cook them in with the soup.
Faster and less mess to deal with it.
Simmer or on low until ready to serve.

Your going to love this soup.
When I serve this soup I put a mild cheddar cheese and cliantro on top.

I was so happy with this soup. The tortellini adds such a great touch.

Hope you enjoy your weekend...

I'm off to soccer games and pizza parties yay for me..

Is it nap time arleady!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Craft's

Halloween is around the corner!
And my girls have been busy doing halloween crafts like crazy.
I will find anything and anyway to keep them busy so they don't drive me crazy. haha!
Us mommies all have those days where we want some time little quiet and down time.
So I decided to pin away and see what the girls could do
besides have their entire toys scattered around my house.
Uh...over that!!
And these were some fun crafts that I created from my girls
 supply box that I had in my home.
It's always good to keep some
craft supplies at home so you can have a quick go to
for some fun crafts for any occasion.

Supplies You will Need:

Paper Pumpkin: paper plate, ripped orange construction paper, green paper for stem.
Spider Web: purchased the kit for a couple dollars at Target
Scarecrow: brown paper bag, cut strips of yellow construction paper for hair, a coffee filter for the hat, cut out eyes and nose out of construction paper. Flower hole punch for flower on hat.
Ghost: cotton balls, black construction paper, white cardstock for outline of ghost, yarn to hang it on door.
Pumpkin: purchased at local grocery store, markers, stickers, gliiter for the kids to decorate it.
Candy Corn: cardstock for outline, shredded yellow and orange consturction paper, wooden stick.
Fall Tree: blue contruction paper for background, brown to outline your child's hand and arm for tree, fall leave stickers (purchased for dollar store) crayons for coloring.

Make sure you have glue or what I love glue sticks for kids to put all the crafts together. I love glue sticks because they are way less of a mess for preschoolers and toddlers!!

Isn't the scarecrow so adorable.
A friend of mine did this with her kids and I fell in love with it.
I just love the coffee filter hat.

Cute! Right?

I have a flower hole punch that I use for scrapbooking and parties
so I thought I would punch flowers out so the girls could glue it on
there hats to make it look more of a girl scarcrow.
A lot of these things I had around my home and put some things together
to keep them busy and have fun.
The only thing I went out to buy was the mini pumpkins and spider webs.
Always check Target's dollar bin to find crafts for the kiddos.
I find so much there for my girls to do.

My pretty girls crafting away.
I think they might be a little like there mommy and have the crafty side to them.
Sidnee's crafts are pretty much perfect I would have to say.
She is so neat and precise when she does her little crafts.
As you can see in the pictures they were done by her.
Not me...I promise!
I might of helped her with the spider web, that was kind
of a little tricky.
But she did get the hang of it at the end.
It was a good way of learning something new
she hasn't done before.
Lots of fun!
Love these girls to pieces....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let's Play Some Soccer

For the past months, our life has consisted of being on the lovely green fields
to watch our Sidnee girl play soccer.
It's been such a joy!
We just love watching her learn the game.
To see all these 4 year olds out in the field trying to score a goal is beyond fun, well and
funny to watch.
This past weekend it was our turn for snacks and drinks.
So 2 nights before the game,
 I headed out to the store to find what might be a great snack for the girls
 after the game and during half time to hand out.

So after a quick trip
This mama decided on the tiny packs of gatorade, a baggie full of frozen grapes,
and these adorable snacks I made below.
For the grapes I had some cute Halloween baggies that I filled half way
with green grapes and placed them in the freezer over night.
So they would be nice and cold and hard as if they were eating candy grapes.
Oh so good...let me tell you, you should try them sometime.
  It was perfect for the 95 degrees weather we had that day.
For these cute snacks below...
I decided I would grab a box of oreos and goldfish.
So healthy for the girls, right?
I took a blue ribbon and tied it with
 soccer ball printables I found on Pinterest here
The snacks were at hit!!
 Okay everyone I'm officially a soccer mom.
Well a cute soccer mom! haha.
I just love sitting on the side lines watching my baby go.
Motherhood has been so wonderful for me.
 I was thinking on the way home from picking Sidnee up from school what a age am I loving more.
And every age is so fun and wonderful. I love the baby stage. Then I love Ava's age 1, where there trying to talk, walk and do there own thing. Then there is Sidnee's age 4. Taking her to school and picking her up and her running to me to tell me what she did in school, who she played with, what she ate for lunch and snack. I just love it all.
I always wanted to be the mommy on the side lines watching there children play a sport.
And here I am already at this point in my life.
Where does time go?
I am soaking it all up and loving every minute of it.
I'm slowly but surely learning to slow down and enjoy life with these kiddos.
Cause this mama tends to live in the fast lines and thinks she can just do it all.
And you know what I can't!!
So as of now I am putting a smile on my face, looking around at my messy house,
and going to go make spider webs with my girls.
Craft time!!
It's the little things they love... and
before long they will be grown up and on there own.
Okay, let me wipe my tears now!
Goodbye for now...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

 Last friday, my hubby was off  work so we headed to the Pumpkin Patch.
We were so excited to let the girls have fun and enjoy there day doing all kinds of activities.
Look for pumpkins, decorate cookies, go thru the corn maze, walk through the haunted house, jump in the bouncey house, go mining for gold, take a train ride, and ride John Deere trucks.
I think the only thing we didn't get to accomplish on our 1st trip was take a hay ride and get the girls face painted.
I guess those things will come on our next pumpkin patch adventure in a couple weeks with friends.
It's only the begininng of pumpkin patches for the us. 
I have a thing for pumpkin patches they are so fun! I would say the hubby disagrees. Haha...

I can cross one thing off my fall bucket list.
Now if we can get some cooler weather.
I want to start making some delicious soups!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Time in our Home

Last week the kiddos and I decided to decorate a little for Fall.
Being we don't know how much longer will be living here because after a long and I mean long process of house hunting we finally found a new home for us.
So I decided I would let the girls help me decorate a little outside and call it quits.
Hey at least there are some festive decor hanging around the Villapando home. And plus Sidnee couldn't be more anxious to decorate!

My mom made this awesome burlap wreath with our last name initial as well as the fall burlap pillow that sits in front of our home on a chair that I picked up at TJMAXX. I just love that store, such great buys for home decor. All the other fall decor I picked up at Michaels. Love me some Micheals for holiday decorating. It's awesome!
Whats fun about this wreath is I can change it up for every holiday/season. For spring I had a metal type flower with vibriant colors that I hung from the center of the wreath. You can have lots of fun with burlap cause it matches anything. On the back of the letter "V" you can paint it a different color to change it up as well and hang it on the other side. That way you can switch it back and forth. Fun!!

We were all festive in our pj's decorating outside for fall in about 90 degree weather. Haha! Hopefully soon some nice fall weather will hitting Orange County soon.
Cause I'm ready!


I love searching for new holiday decoration ideas.
 Can't wait to decorate for Christmas in my new home.
 Sound fun and exhausting at the same time!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maxwell: 3 Months

I can't believe it you are official 3 months old.
Like every mommy says, where does the time go?
You are truly the light in our house right now. We all wake up waiting your presence so we can kiss and cuddle you. You are one adorable boy.
Your blue eyes get me every time. Just still hoping you don't get rid of those babies! I truly have fallen in love with them.
What are you doing these days?
Well most of time your are sleeping and pooping of course! or being hit on the head, kissed, huged, smacked, pushed, or jumped on by your little sissy.
And when I say jumped on, I mean it.
I decided to lay you down on a blanket the other day so you could watch a little TV with us and why do I turn for a second and Ava is is sitting on your tummy jumping on you. Um....not ok! You weren't crying, thank you! But I know that had to hurt. Cause when she does it to mommy and daddy it can hurt.
These girls they can be to much at times, but they truly love you to pieces!
What can I say, you are one tough cookie to put up with these girls...they can be really rough!
Maxwell 3 months:
In the Closet:  3-6 months

Diapers: Size 1

Grub: breastmilk/formula

Sleep: Your sleep all night in mommy's arms...oh help me on this one. You will one day sleep in your crib right?

New Activity/Development: You actually like to be on your tummy at times, your are so strong with your head. When I'm holding you, you like to sit up by yourself. Your are forever smiling, and laughed for the first time the other day. I was like, WHAT. It was the cutest thing ever.

Loves: Being in your bouncey, laying on my bed looking at the fan and lights, watching your sisters, taking walks, and looking at the TV. Loves, Loves to be held. Dang u buddy!! Loves sleeping in the carseat.
Hates: Being left alone, taking naps in the crib or bed. Laying on your back in your activity mat.

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