Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Craft's

Halloween is around the corner!
And my girls have been busy doing halloween crafts like crazy.
I will find anything and anyway to keep them busy so they don't drive me crazy. haha!
Us mommies all have those days where we want some time little quiet and down time.
So I decided to pin away and see what the girls could do
besides have their entire toys scattered around my house.
Uh...over that!!
And these were some fun crafts that I created from my girls
 supply box that I had in my home.
It's always good to keep some
craft supplies at home so you can have a quick go to
for some fun crafts for any occasion.

Supplies You will Need:

Paper Pumpkin: paper plate, ripped orange construction paper, green paper for stem.
Spider Web: purchased the kit for a couple dollars at Target
Scarecrow: brown paper bag, cut strips of yellow construction paper for hair, a coffee filter for the hat, cut out eyes and nose out of construction paper. Flower hole punch for flower on hat.
Ghost: cotton balls, black construction paper, white cardstock for outline of ghost, yarn to hang it on door.
Pumpkin: purchased at local grocery store, markers, stickers, gliiter for the kids to decorate it.
Candy Corn: cardstock for outline, shredded yellow and orange consturction paper, wooden stick.
Fall Tree: blue contruction paper for background, brown to outline your child's hand and arm for tree, fall leave stickers (purchased for dollar store) crayons for coloring.

Make sure you have glue or what I love glue sticks for kids to put all the crafts together. I love glue sticks because they are way less of a mess for preschoolers and toddlers!!

Isn't the scarecrow so adorable.
A friend of mine did this with her kids and I fell in love with it.
I just love the coffee filter hat.

Cute! Right?

I have a flower hole punch that I use for scrapbooking and parties
so I thought I would punch flowers out so the girls could glue it on
there hats to make it look more of a girl scarcrow.
A lot of these things I had around my home and put some things together
to keep them busy and have fun.
The only thing I went out to buy was the mini pumpkins and spider webs.
Always check Target's dollar bin to find crafts for the kiddos.
I find so much there for my girls to do.

My pretty girls crafting away.
I think they might be a little like there mommy and have the crafty side to them.
Sidnee's crafts are pretty much perfect I would have to say.
She is so neat and precise when she does her little crafts.
As you can see in the pictures they were done by her.
Not me...I promise!
I might of helped her with the spider web, that was kind
of a little tricky.
But she did get the hang of it at the end.
It was a good way of learning something new
she hasn't done before.
Lots of fun!
Love these girls to pieces....

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