Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Time in our Home

Last week the kiddos and I decided to decorate a little for Fall.
Being we don't know how much longer will be living here because after a long and I mean long process of house hunting we finally found a new home for us.
So I decided I would let the girls help me decorate a little outside and call it quits.
Hey at least there are some festive decor hanging around the Villapando home. And plus Sidnee couldn't be more anxious to decorate!

My mom made this awesome burlap wreath with our last name initial as well as the fall burlap pillow that sits in front of our home on a chair that I picked up at TJMAXX. I just love that store, such great buys for home decor. All the other fall decor I picked up at Michaels. Love me some Micheals for holiday decorating. It's awesome!
Whats fun about this wreath is I can change it up for every holiday/season. For spring I had a metal type flower with vibriant colors that I hung from the center of the wreath. You can have lots of fun with burlap cause it matches anything. On the back of the letter "V" you can paint it a different color to change it up as well and hang it on the other side. That way you can switch it back and forth. Fun!!

We were all festive in our pj's decorating outside for fall in about 90 degree weather. Haha! Hopefully soon some nice fall weather will hitting Orange County soon.
Cause I'm ready!


I love searching for new holiday decoration ideas.
 Can't wait to decorate for Christmas in my new home.
 Sound fun and exhausting at the same time!!

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  1. Loving the decor... especially that burlap pillow! And loving how cute the kiddos are. :)


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