Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let's Play Some Soccer

For the past months, our life has consisted of being on the lovely green fields
to watch our Sidnee girl play soccer.
It's been such a joy!
We just love watching her learn the game.
To see all these 4 year olds out in the field trying to score a goal is beyond fun, well and
funny to watch.
This past weekend it was our turn for snacks and drinks.
So 2 nights before the game,
 I headed out to the store to find what might be a great snack for the girls
 after the game and during half time to hand out.

So after a quick trip
This mama decided on the tiny packs of gatorade, a baggie full of frozen grapes,
and these adorable snacks I made below.
For the grapes I had some cute Halloween baggies that I filled half way
with green grapes and placed them in the freezer over night.
So they would be nice and cold and hard as if they were eating candy grapes.
Oh so good...let me tell you, you should try them sometime.
  It was perfect for the 95 degrees weather we had that day.
For these cute snacks below...
I decided I would grab a box of oreos and goldfish.
So healthy for the girls, right?
I took a blue ribbon and tied it with
 soccer ball printables I found on Pinterest here
The snacks were at hit!!
 Okay everyone I'm officially a soccer mom.
Well a cute soccer mom! haha.
I just love sitting on the side lines watching my baby go.
Motherhood has been so wonderful for me.
 I was thinking on the way home from picking Sidnee up from school what a age am I loving more.
And every age is so fun and wonderful. I love the baby stage. Then I love Ava's age 1, where there trying to talk, walk and do there own thing. Then there is Sidnee's age 4. Taking her to school and picking her up and her running to me to tell me what she did in school, who she played with, what she ate for lunch and snack. I just love it all.
I always wanted to be the mommy on the side lines watching there children play a sport.
And here I am already at this point in my life.
Where does time go?
I am soaking it all up and loving every minute of it.
I'm slowly but surely learning to slow down and enjoy life with these kiddos.
Cause this mama tends to live in the fast lines and thinks she can just do it all.
And you know what I can't!!
So as of now I am putting a smile on my face, looking around at my messy house,
and going to go make spider webs with my girls.
Craft time!!
It's the little things they love... and
before long they will be grown up and on there own.
Okay, let me wipe my tears now!
Goodbye for now...

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