Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maxwell: 3 Months

I can't believe it you are official 3 months old.
Like every mommy says, where does the time go?
You are truly the light in our house right now. We all wake up waiting your presence so we can kiss and cuddle you. You are one adorable boy.
Your blue eyes get me every time. Just still hoping you don't get rid of those babies! I truly have fallen in love with them.
What are you doing these days?
Well most of time your are sleeping and pooping of course! or being hit on the head, kissed, huged, smacked, pushed, or jumped on by your little sissy.
And when I say jumped on, I mean it.
I decided to lay you down on a blanket the other day so you could watch a little TV with us and why do I turn for a second and Ava is is sitting on your tummy jumping on you. Um....not ok! You weren't crying, thank you! But I know that had to hurt. Cause when she does it to mommy and daddy it can hurt.
These girls they can be to much at times, but they truly love you to pieces!
What can I say, you are one tough cookie to put up with these girls...they can be really rough!
Maxwell 3 months:
In the Closet:  3-6 months

Diapers: Size 1

Grub: breastmilk/formula

Sleep: Your sleep all night in mommy's arms...oh help me on this one. You will one day sleep in your crib right?

New Activity/Development: You actually like to be on your tummy at times, your are so strong with your head. When I'm holding you, you like to sit up by yourself. Your are forever smiling, and laughed for the first time the other day. I was like, WHAT. It was the cutest thing ever.

Loves: Being in your bouncey, laying on my bed looking at the fan and lights, watching your sisters, taking walks, and looking at the TV. Loves, Loves to be held. Dang u buddy!! Loves sleeping in the carseat.
Hates: Being left alone, taking naps in the crib or bed. Laying on your back in your activity mat.

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