Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Avalynn Turns "2"

I just can't believe it, my little Avalynn is 2 years old.
What joy this little one is! 
She sure has a personality of her own these days.
I would say the most sassy out of all my kids. Some would say
the joys of a middle child.
I just say this little girl is just spoiled with way to much love.
She has not only has stolen the heart of her mommy and
daddy but I think anyone and everyone she meets.
She is such a love bug that you can't resist all her
and well, all her chubbiness along with it.
A couple weeks ago,
I put her cupcake outfit on I bought around Halloween for her cupcake party
walked in our backyard and took some darn cute
pictures of this little one.
I also did an outfit change and put on a cupcake
birthday tutu dress my friend let me use as well.
So in love!
These pictures turned out great. And were a great contribute
to her cupcake party.



Cupcake Costume: Marshalls

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