Thursday, January 9, 2014

Avalynn's 2nd Cupcake Birthday Party

 Last weekend we celebrated my little Avalynn's 2nd birthday.
We gathered around 50 plus family and friends to share her special day.
Another large birthday at the Villalpando family is what everyone says.
I must say having over 50 plus people may be a lot to some but for us
its beautiful. It brings a smile to my face on how lucky we
are to have such a large, fun, and loving family who admire my kiddos
and enjoy spending the day with us.
We are beyond blessed!
This year for Ava I decided on a cupcake theme party.
I was more than happy with the way it turned out.
It was just perfect.

Don't mind Sidnee's little scratch on her nose...who knows how that happened.
Maybe a little sister fighting probably sums it up.

Such a lovely party, and so very thankful for all our friends and family
that was able to come and spend this special day with us.
We are more than blessed to have such a wonderful family
who plays such an important part in my children's
lives. I love you all so much.

Happy Birthday to my Precious Ava!!

Party Details:
Cake & cupcake cookie: Juli's Piece of Cake
Cupcake cakepops: Etsy
Cupcake lollipops: Etsy
Cupcake boxes (goodie bags): Target
Tissue paper garland: TomKat Studio
Cupcakes: Alberston's Grocery Store
 Pretzels: DIY
Cupcake rice krispies: DIY
Table Linens: Linen Table Cloths
Birthday Plates: Target
 Pictures of Ava behind dessert table and present table: Staples
Centerpieces: DIY


Mexican Food from a local Restaurant
(we served rice, beans, carne asada, chicken, carnitas, tortillas,
pasta salad,  and nachos)




  1. How cute is this?!!! Love it all, and your little lady is too cute!!! Excited to follow along. Xo

  2. Her little cupcake outfit is so stinkin' cute! Love all the details. I would devour those cake pops :)


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