About Me

Welcome! I am really glad you have stopped by.
Allow me to introduce myself! I'm a 30 something Orange County girl,
in the beautiful state of California.
I surround myself with everything cuteness.
I'm a wife to an amazing husband Tony, 
mommy to three beautiful children
Sidnee, Avalynn, and a new baby boy Maxwell.
One day a week you will find me working in a hair salon. I sure love
my job, but not half as much as I love being with my children and
talking with all of you.
 I keep myself busy making our house a home,
raising my babies, doing DIY projects, decorating our new home,
and cooking yummy food for my family.
 I love any reason to throw a party.
You can check all my fun parties here.
In my spare time I love to work on many of my hobbies,
with 3 kids that can be quite difficult.
In the years of being married,
 I have really enjoyed learning to cook.
My favorite thing to do in the kitchen is bake delicious goodies. 
I have an true obsession with cookie dough and double stuffed Oreo's.
Yep! double stuff, I never look at the back
to see the calories I would probably die!
I'm a country girl at heart, turned Latina!
Five years ago when I married my husband, I had no idea what
was in store for me.
Let's just say this little 5 feet, blonde hair, blue eyed girl had to
learn to cook up some rice and beans real fast.
I would like to proudly announce, I can cook some darn good
Mexican food. Let me teach you.
Yet, that wasn't it did I ever have to learn to throw parties.
When I mean parties I mean prepare enough food for 100 people.
Did I mention my hubby comes from a
 I have learned to party and drink Tequila like a rock star.
I love the Lord and very passionate about my Catholic faith.
  I was raised with strong Catholic values
 and do the same for my children.  
I truly love to blog, showing off my family and all
the fun hobbies I enjoy.
Look forward to getting to know you, as you will get to know
a lot about me and all my cuteness.
Some additional "cuteness" about me......
1. I'm a party girl at heart and enjoy a good night out
2. Fajitas are my favorite food
3. I always wanted 7 children, don't think that will happen with my hubby..
4. My husband propose to me on Easter while searching for eggs it was the last golden one
5. I could be a Disneyland everyday if you let me (thank goodness for season passes)
6. Reality TV is the best especially "Real Housewives of Orange County & Beverly Hills"
7. My favorite wine is Stella Rosa. I can drink it about everyday
8. Can you believe I went from Miss Biddle to Mrs. Villalpando (no one can say my last name)
9. I could eat cookies everyday
10. I'm a big Cowboys football fan, thanks to the hubs


  1. Ha! All the Hispanic comments cracked me up! Gotta love Tony and his big ass fam. Love the new look and additions to the blog!

  2. Found you via Pinterest and I love that you embrace your faith and the Sacraments! I'm trolling for baptism ideas and found your blog. Woot! Thanks!


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